A little update here and there

So many ideas, so little time!  Jeff and I have been talking constantly about all the stuff we want to do with this humble little website, and all these random & combined talents we have, but between our regular 9-5s, and a toddler that’s on the verge of running, it’s hard to do anything after bath and bed time, haha.

But here’s a sneak peak of what we hope to achieve.  We’re still working hard on our photography and event planning: Jeff and I had a wedding photo shoot last month that we’ll be sharing on the blog soon, and I’ve been assisting with wedding coordination through Events by Katherine.  Working with Katherine I have been able to work weddings at El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano, Center Club in Costa Mesa (with a full Irish band!), the Fairmont in Newport Beach, and Casa Romantica in San Clemente.  Each of these venues had something special to offer!

Aside from these services, we want to offer event rental services for props and decor items (who wants to buy stuff they’re only going to use once?!).  We are currently working on adding to our inventory, and I hope to have some unique and desirable items up on our website for your use in the next couple of months.  Stay tuned!



Although we started out this website to promote our little shop that we had in an awesome vintage camper at The Camp, it’s now taking on a whole new life!

Due to various reasons, we had to close up shop early last year (2013), but we’ve recently decided to pick up our entrepreneurial spirit again.  We’ve also decided to keep the name “Nuestras Manos,” since the whole reason we liked that name was because it reflected that we were doing this together (with our hands), and even though we’re transitioning to something completely different, the concept of what we want to do is still the same: use our talents and skills, combine them, and work together doing something we love!

So, the idea is to combine our talents (photography, design, planning, organizing, wood work/crafting), and offer them to people for special events.  Jeff and I had a great business meeting last night, and we’re excited about the potential this has and where it can lead us.  I hope you’ll follow along!

The Times Have Changed: High School Photos

I’m pretty sure that when I was a senior in high school you got your cap and gown photos and that was about it.  One of my cousins is graduating from high school this year and she asked my hubby if he could take some pictures of her for her graduation announcements.  Whaaaaaat?  Seems like things have changed a bit, haha.  Regardless, my aunt and cousin drove over from Murrieta this passed weekend and we all went down the street to a friend’s property in Trabuco Canyon.  Yep, property.  In Orange County.  This is about the third photo shoot we’ve done there…the backgrounds are just perfect!

Here are some of my favorite shots:

sam 1 sam 2 sam 3

Isn’t she pretty?!  Ain’t my hubby talented?!  And don’t get me started on that property again…