Maternity Photo Shoot in Peters Canyon

There were so many good pictures that I couldn’t pick just a couple!

belly hands red shoes shoes sofia sunshine walking

Such a beautiful family, can’t wait to meet Sofia!


The Times Have Changed: High School Photos

I’m pretty sure that when I was a senior in high school you got your cap and gown photos and that was about it.  One of my cousins is graduating from high school this year and she asked my hubby if he could take some pictures of her for her graduation announcements.  Whaaaaaat?  Seems like things have changed a bit, haha.  Regardless, my aunt and cousin drove over from Murrieta this passed weekend and we all went down the street to a friend’s property in Trabuco Canyon.  Yep, property.  In Orange County.  This is about the third photo shoot we’ve done there…the backgrounds are just perfect!

Here are some of my favorite shots:

sam 1 sam 2 sam 3

Isn’t she pretty?!  Ain’t my hubby talented?!  And don’t get me started on that property again…