Jeff and Alex met while working at Starbucks, through the unlikely humorous conversation that sprang up while washing dishes and preparing the store for closing time.  One exchange of phone numbers in an empty and misty parking lot one night in August of 2006 was all it took for the romance to take off.  Three years later, they were married in what some remember as the “the greatest outdoor dancing celebration of all time.”  Ok, maybe I’m making that up, but it was a night that is still talked about from time to time.

Since then, they have lived an incredibly happy life together, from their time in a small yet homey apartment in Irvine, to their recent wanderings in Germany, but they have both struggled to find a career that made them truly happy.

Although they each have their individual strengths and personalities, it is together that they accomplish the most, and they are using this to their full advantage in hopes of making a living doing something they love.  Hence the title of this website: Nuestras Manos: Our Hands.  They feel that together, they can accomplish whatever they set out to accomplish.

Alex and Jeff want this to be a space for them as a couple, things they plan and do together, adventures they take together, and their journey to being self-employed and happy with what they do to make a living.  You can read about their individual skills and stories, but this blog will focus on their combined efforts to make a living for and with each other.

Hope you enjoy!


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