This and That: Catching Up

Here are some of my favorite wedding images around the internet these days…

Um, pretty much everything about this wedding, but if I have to chose a few pictures:

Perfect for upcoming holiday weddings:


Love the geometric figures and water color themes here (both very popular right now):


Bouquet Toss Alternative

On Saturday I saw a bouquet toss alternative that was so cute and different that I had to share!

Instead of tossing the bouquet, the bouquet was placed inside a bird cage which was locked. ┬áThere was a display of vintage keys on an easel, that was moved to the dance floor along with the bird cage, and all the single ladies lined up to pick a key and see if it unlocked the bird cage. ┬áThere were enough keys for almost two rounds, and it seemed like the ladies enjoyed this much more than standing and trying to catch the bouquet–and subsequently there was no injury to the bouquet!