Adventure: Journey to Patchwork Festival!

As soon as our plane landed at LAX, Jeff got an email informing us that our application (and our check) had been accepted for this year’s holiday Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival in Santa Ana!

We are beyond excited, and nervous, about this prospect.  We believe it’s our first step in really taking our business and craft ideas to flight, and putting ourselves out there.  Our hope is that it goes well, that people like our product, and that we can begin to make a serious living off of our skills and passion.  This would bring us one step closer to being a little more financially stable, and maybe able to fly on our own!

With that said, we are aware of the challenges that lie ahead, and of the possible reality of falling flat on our faces and not even making enough money to cover the costs incurred to put this all together.  We also know that one event will not bring us financial stability for life, but we think this will be a good indication of whether this is a path we should follow at all, or not.

With that in mind, I thought I would dedicate part of this blog to allow you to follow us on our journey to the Patchwork Festival in November: our planning, ideas, projects, stocking up inventory, etc.

Our next update will be Jeff’s MacGyvering skills in designing and building a cover for our stall!


P.S.: you should plan on joining us in November.  RSVP here!


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